Five Reasons Cacao Should Replace Your Morning Coffee

Five Reasons Cacao Should Replace Your Morning Coffee

If you have ever picked up cup of coffee and by time you put down you already felt a little anxious, a bit jittery, or perhaps even a tad short of breath. then you’ve probable wondered what to replace your coffee with.Maybe you drink coffee for energy or even for flavor, but whatever your reasons, there is a better alternative — Ceremonial Cacao. So, if you are looking for a healthier choice, here are five reasons Ceremonial Cacao should replace your daily coffee.

Ceremonial Cacao Makes You a More Loving Person

Let’s face it: that morning cup of coffee can sometimes be an emotional crutch. We wake up and turn on our coffee machines as if guided by instinct — or addiction. We hover over it waiting desperately for our precious brew to be done, prepare our cup, take a sip…and breathe a sigh of relief into our caffeinated cup of salvation for helping us feel better.

The Negative Effects of Caffeine on the Body

But does it really make us feel better though? As the caffeine hits our bloodstream perhaps, we feel a little bit more stimulated and alert — peppy even. But for some reason, it’s just a little too much for our body. We might start feeling anxious, jittery, even aggressive, and when the caffeine high wears off we crash and are left miserable and cranky.

The Uplifting Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

With Ceremonial Cacao, however, this isn’t the case. Thanks to high concentrations of theobromine instead of caffeine, Ceremonial Cacao has a gentler and more mild, uplifting energy that does not lead to an afternoon crash. Even more amazingly, ceremonial cacao provides anandamide. This chemical helps generate serotonin and dopamine that helps us feel happier and more refreshed.

Ceremonial Cacao: A Natural Way to Promote a Loving Outlook

Ceremonial Cacao also provides us with phenylethylamine, a chemical that is naturally found in the brain when we are in love, to help give us a more loving outlook on our day. Instead of going for the artificial peppiness that coffee creates to go about “loving” your day, try genuinely opening your heart with Ceremonial Cacao!

Ceremonial Cacao is Far Healthier Than Coffee

Have you ever wondered how healthy your coffee really is? Let’s face the simple truth, ultimately coffee doesn’t have much of the nutrients you need. Coffee has a small amount of antioxidants, even a little potassium, all of which we need to keep our bodies healthy. But not enough to save your life.

The Nutritional Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao, however, has many and more of the nutrients you need daily in just one cup! This sacred brew contains powerful minerals for your health, such as iron which helps build strong blood cells, and magnesium that helps our body handle the important tasks of regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. Ceremonial cacao also contains zinc, which without it, our body struggles to heal its wounds, boost the immune system, and protect your vision.

Ceremonial Cacao Improves Brain Function in a Healthier Way Than Coffee

We might be tempted to rely on coffee to get rid of brain fog. Those mental cobwebs can be quite cumbersome, stalling our reaction time and making it hard to focus. It would seem coffee is the answer to the problem, but Ceremonial Cacao provides a better solution.

The Dangers of Relying on Coffee for Mental Alertness

First, consider all the reasons your brain might be moving sluggishly. It could be a lack of sleep, or dehydration, which coffee exacerbates. There might even be an underlying health condition causing your brain to struggle and sputter. Coffee does very little — if anything at all — to address these problems, and in fact only masks them.

Ceremonial Cacao Improves Mental Alertness and Overall Health

But Ceremonial Cacao provides a healthier way to address brain fog in addition to improving your health. The magnesium and flavonoids within cacao help ensure your brain receives enough oxygen which you need to think clearly, and anandamide which helps regulate your sleep.

Ceremonial Cacao: A Natural Solution for Improved Brain Function

If your brain is having a hard time picking up the signals your nervous system is sending out, you’ll find yourself moving as if in a foggy haze instead of as a well-tuned machine. Fortunately, Ceremonial Cacao also contains magnesium, which helps your nervous system function properly and in turn helps your brain function properly.

Ceremonial Cacao Heals and Opens Your Heart

Is coffee good for your heart? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. While in moderation, there are some benefits that coffee provides to your heart health, those health benefits might just be outweighed by the copious amounts of caffeine in a single cup of coffee. Caffeine can raise blood pressure and your heart rate, which is not good for your overall heart health.

A Heart-Healthy Alternative to Coffee: The Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

That extra bit of energy and pep in your step from coffee may seem worth it, but what if I told you there is a heart healthy alternative? There is — Ceremonial Cacao! While ceremonial cacao does contain a minimal amount of caffeine, most of its energy is granted from theobromine which has no negative impact on your heart health.

Ceremonial Cacao: A Gentle and Natural Way to Uplift and Protect Your Heart Health

Coffee peps you up only to crash you down, putting stress on your heart, while Ceremonial Cacao uplifts you gently and naturally. And if there’s anything your delicate heart needs to be healthy, it’s that you be gentle with it. So instead of coffee, open heal and open your heart with Ceremonial Cacao.

Ceremonial Cacao Just Tastes Better!

Be honest with yourself: do you really like the taste of coffee? Some might appreciate coffee’s bold and bitter flavor, but many of us drink coffee not for its flavor but the boost of energy. Not to mention, to make coffee taste good, we often dress it up with loads of cream, tons of sugar, syrups and so forth. After a certain amount of dressing up, we’re basically just drinking a glorified milkshake!

Experience the Rich, Deep Flavor of Ceremonial Cacao

However, with Ceremonial Cacao, you’re already starting with a main ingredient that is very similar to a flavor we all know and love — chocolate! Being as it is the raw source that chocolate comes from, Ceremonial Cacao’s flavor is even richer, deeper, and more sophisticated. And while you can drink Ceremonial Cacao without much added ingredients or adulteration, you can also add ingredients that are healthy and still enjoy its amazing flavor.

Enhancing the Flavor of Ceremonial Cacao with Natural Sweeteners and Spices

For instance, try adding honey or coconut sugar to sweeten your Ceremonial Cacao. Even spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon go a long way to bring out its wonderful flavor. You can even try adding a nutty accent with ground almonds or hazelnut if you so desire, while maintaining the deliciousness of your Ceremonial Cacao.

Say Goodbye to Coffee, Hello to Ceremonial Cacao

When all is said and done there are many reasons why Ceremonial Cacao is better than coffee. These are just five of the best reasons. So, if you have been looking to swap away from coffee to a heathier, happier alternative, Ceremonial Cacao is the perfect alternative for you.