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Peruvian Cacao

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The King of Cacao

MsPerception Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao comes from the depths of the forest nestled between the Andes and the Amazon. Ancient Peru is known to have cultivated the Criollo Cacao trees for the Cacao bean’s nutrients, medicinal properties, and heart-opening effects. Sustainably grown and harvested by the Ashaninka, this Creole Cacao is exclusively grown and minimally processed in small batches to maintain the utmost quality.

    Peruvian Cacao
    Peruvian Cacao
    Peruvian Cacao
    Peruvian Cacao
    Peruvian Cacao
    Peruvian Cacao


    Why Peruvian Cacao?

    • Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron

    • Rich with Magnesium for a Healthy Heart and Brain

    • Contains More Calcium than Cow’s Milk

    • Helps Produce Serotonin 

    • 40x the Antioxidants of Blueberries

    Four Ways a Daily Cacao Ceremony Can Transform Your Life

    The tradition of intentionally growing, harvesting, and enjoying Cacao dates back several thousand years. To this day, Cacao is still widely regarded and respected as a plant medicine, coffee alternative, and natural heart opener.


    1. Warming sensations and a deep sense of love
    2. Stimulates the Cardiovascular System for balanced, long-lasting energy
    3. Enhanced cognitive function and clarity due to an active ingredient Theobromine
    4. Time each day to intentionally give gratitude and connect to your spirituality

    Healthy Intentions Start At The Source

    Cacao use dates back thousands of years ago. Where it was not only used as currency (was once worth more than gold) but also used as medicine and ceremoniously.


    Peruvian Amazon’s Gem

    This particular Cacao is grown in the Peruvian Amazon. Devoted to nature, the Ashaninka cultivate and tend to the Cacao groves, ensuring that the biodiverse ecosystem of their forest maintains harmony. Each farmer has vowed to never plant more than three hectares, so as to not disrupt the natural world.


    Benefits of Ceremonial Peruvian Cacao

    • Robust, complex flavor, reminiscent of walnuts and perfectly roasted coffee
    • Energy without jitters
    • A warm, heart-opening sensation
    • Long-lasting energy
    • Its active ingredient, Theobromine, is a natural anti-inflammatory
    • Nutrient-dense
    • Stimulates feel-good hormones and self-love
    • Natural antidepressant
    • May increase metabolism and lower cholesterol
    • Immuno-boosting


    Packed With Love

    The fresh, raw Cacao is sent to MsPerceptionregistered in California. Where it’s hand chopped and packaged. Follow our included instructions for a healthy daily habit, or a heart-opening ceremony. Enjoy the warm and healing sensation, and a focused, intentional day.

    Cacao is naturally Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and Dairy Free

    For wholesale inquiries, please reach out to info@msperception.co

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    What Our Customers are Saying

    What’s a better way to start your day other than with Cacao?! MsPerception Cacao is not like the stuff you find in stores. You can feel the quality right away. I’ve been replacing my morning coffee with this and noticed I get the same amount of energy but it’s clean. No anxiety or crash..


    Highly recommended! I have been drinking MsPerception cacao religiously for some time now and it has completely changed my life. I love the way it makes me feel and that it has so many healing properties to it. I personally prefer the Peruvian but the Costa Rican is also super yummy!

    Donna N

    I really like this company

    I drink the ceremonial cacao every morning and can feel the love and intention in each cup. I highly  recommend it !!

    Gala S

    I fell in love with this company!

    Great high-quality products. The cacao is amazing, I drink it instead of the coffee I used to drink, it makes me energized and happy all day long!

    Miri K


    What’s the difference between Ceremonial Cacao, Cacao Powder, and Cocoa Powder?
    • Ceremonial Cacao is the traditional way of minimally processing Cacao beans into a paste. It maintains its dense nutrient content, which allows for balanced energy and heart-opening function. It also is grown from the very start with the intention of ceremony. This plant medicine is respected and mindfully cultivated so that the benefits open your heart and connect you to nature and yourself.
    • Cacao Powder is processed more intensively, heated, or pulverized, which loses more of its nutrients and when ingested can be overly stimulating.
    • Cocoa Powder is highly processed chocolate that’s been stripped of its nutrients in the heating process and often blended with processed sugars and milk powders
    What does it taste like? 

    Ceremonial Cacao has a similar appreciative bitterness to coffee. Depending on where the Cacao is grown, it could have different creaminess and flavor notes. Our Costa Rican Cacao is like a warm embrace. With notes of cherries and delicate, creamy chocolate.

    What happens if I drink too much?

    We recommend sticking with the dosing instructions we’ve provided. Too much cacao can result in stomach pains, similar to that of coffee.

    Can I replace my coffee with Ceremonial Cacao?

    Absolutely! Ceremonial Cacao is a great alternative with greater health benefits. I.E. less anxiety/jitters, longer-lasting energy throughout the day, no caffeine drop-off, and powerfully heart-opening.

    Where can I learn more about Cacao?

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