Embrace Clarity, Presence, and Love with

Heart-Opening Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Ethically Sourced. Intentionally Harvested. Minimally Processed.

Agent of Change

  • Greet the day with a deep heart-warming glow thanks to Ceremonial Cacao’s natural mood boosters

  • Support a healthy mind, body, and soul with a daily meditative ceremony

  • Embody balanced energy that lasts all day long with zero jitters or crash, unlike coffee

  • Contribute to fair wages and sustainable cultivation with ethically sourced Cacao

Set Your Intentions for

A Happier, Healthier You

Raised sustainably and equitably. Cultivated and processed utilizing traditional method. This divine plant medicine deepens your healing, and the planet’s.


Costa Rican Cacao
Costa Rican CacaoCosta Rican Cacao
Peruvian Cacao
Peruvian CacaoPeruvian Cacao

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An Age-Old Approach to

Plant Medicine

During the entire process from seed to paste, our Cacao is handled with the intention of ceremonial or daily use. These intentions were planted thousands of years ago, and continued to offer nutrients, transformation, and introspection to those who seek a balanced heart and mind.

Find Balance With Theobroma Cacao

“The Food Of The Gods”

Taking part in the ritual of Cacao connects you to the intentions of nature. This heart-warming, transformative tradition is able to deepen your consciousness, inward and outward.


Six Easy Steps to

Manifest The Day You Deserve

Side Effects: You may notice a loving, warm sensation. A sensation that may inspire greater receptivity to one’s emotions and vulnerabilities. You may also notice a boost in talkativeness, empathy, tactile sensation, introspection, and self-love.

  • 1. Prepare water into small pot

  • 2. Heat up cacao on a low flame

  • 3. Add your favorite milk

  • 4. Include sweetener

  • 5. Pour to mug

  • 6. Sip and enjoy

Fill your favorite mug ¼ full with water and pour into a small pot

On a low flame, add 2-3 TBSP of pure Ceremonial Cacao. Stir with a whisk until melted and creamy


Fill your mug ¾ full of your milk of choice. Add this to your melted Cacao and stir, careful not to burn the milk

Add your sweetener of choice (we recommend agave syrup) and spices

Finally, pour into your mug. Do a final stir to blend all the rich flavors

Hold your mug to your heart, set your intention, take a deep breath…

Sip and Enjoy!

What Our Customers are Saying

What’s a better way to start your day other than with Cacao?! MsPerception Cacao is not like the stuff you find in stores. You can feel the quality right away. I’ve been replacing my morning coffee with this and noticed I get the same amount of energy but it’s clean. No anxiety or crash..


Highly recommended! I have been drinking MsPerception cacao religiously for some time now and it has completely changed my life. I love the way it makes me feel and that it has so many healing properties to it. I personally prefer the Peruvian but the Costa Rican is also super yummy!

Donna N

I really like this company

I drink the ceremonial cacao every morning and can feel the love and intention in each cup. I highly  recommend it !!

Gala S

I fell in love with this company!

Great high-quality products. The cacao is amazing, I drink it instead of the coffee I used to drink, it makes me energized and happy all day long!

Miri K

What exactly is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao must be raised sustainably and equitably. It must be cultivated with the intention of ceremonial use, be used with respect,
and is 100% cacao paste. The paste is traditionally made by fermenting the beans and then either lightly toasting or sun drying them. Once
peeled and stone ground, the paste is set into a mold. Keeping all of the rich nutrients intact for a high-quality, balanced Cacao experience
The ceremony begins with the cultivation of the tree, and with respectful intention, continues into your cup for your Cacao journey.

Does Ceremonial Cacao contain caffeine?

Most Ceremonial Cacao has as much caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee. Cacao stimulates the body with something called Theobromine.
A natural promoter of feel-good energy and mood enhancement.

Can I replace coffee with Ceremonial Cacao?

Absolutely! Ceremonial Cacao is a great alternative with greater health benefits. I.E. less coffee anxiety/jitters, longer-lasting energy
throughout the day, no caffeine drop-off, and powerfully heart-opening.

How is Ceremonial Cacao nutritious?

Ceremonial Cacao has the highest amounts of calcium and magnesium in any food. It contains chromium, which stabilizes blood sugar levels. It
contains the active ingredient Theobromine, which stimulates the cardiovascular system resulting in energy, clarity, better cognitive function,
and can even lower cholesterol. Check out our product pages for more nutritional information!

What makes MsPerception Cacao different?

MsPerception Cacao is extremely fresh, as it's imported directly from the farms in Costa Rica and Peru. We're advocates for getting to know
Cacao and the traditional ceremonies connected to it. However, we believe you can benefit from Cacao just by incorporating it into your life as
a healthy habit. For tips on setting intentions and perfecting your Cacao experience, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on
social media!

Interested in wholesaling MsPerception Ceremonial Cacao?

Please reach out to info@msperception.co for more information!

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