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Herbal medicine: The ultimate beginner’s guide to healing herbs

Start changing your life with the healing power of medicinal plants. With the increasing distrust of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s safe to say people are craving change. When it comes to our health, a lot still remains in the shadows. For generations, society has relied on chemical-heavy products clogging our pharmacy shelves. 

It’s no surprise people want to retake control of their own lives. Herbal plants have begun to make their way back into the public eye after years of being pushed to the side. Why? Because people demand a clear, natural alternative that allows them to take control of their own mental and physical health. 


To understand the benefits of herbal medicine, we have to go through the history of humanity. Before the crushing mass-creation of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine had our backs. Some of the first known uses of medicinal plants have been found in Neanderthals. A study found they ate medicinal plants such as chamomile and yarrow–two herbs well known for their pain-killing abilities. 

That was over a staggering 50,000 years ago. 

What about Homo sapiens

Neanderthals weren’t the only ones with a wide knowledge of medicinal plants. Our own ancestors used plants for many centuries across all parts of the world. They ate them, used them for their healing properties, and even for their spirituality. 

  • The ancient Egyptians wrote of illnesses and cures on temple walls, and they even wrote of over 700 formulas in the Ebers papyrus.
  • In 2500 BC, the Chinese emperor Shen Nung wrote the book “Pen T’sao”, which discussed the medicinal properties of over 300 species of healing plants.
  • In 60 AD, Roman army physician Dioscorides described over 500 medicinal plants and over 1000 combinations for healing. We used these his writing for over 1,500 years afterward.


There are countless benefits to herbal medicine that we could go on about for days. Here are the top two that every beginner should consider when starting their journey through a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Empowerment

“Between a drug that is made from a plant, or one which is synthetic, I would always decide for the herbal one, simply because one always knows where one stands.”

The world is full of products that are being sold to you because they believe there is something you need to fix. They believe they are the ones who can save you. 

The problem? Their business depends on you never questioning what they put in their products. They want you to think their drug is your only option. 

The truth? Your power comes from your choice to use products that are right for you. Many people beginning herbal medicine report feeling like they finally have control over their own life. Plus, with plants, there’s no need to read too-long ingredient lists stuffed full of chemicals you can’t pronounce. What you see is what you get, and you know exactly what’s going into your body. 

2. Improved Health

Many people who transition to using medicinal herbs report a positive impact on their physical and mental health conditions. This is especially true for those who have tried western medicine and never get the results they crave. 

Don’t take our word for it. A woman in a focus group had this to say about her experience:

“In the past, I have always suffered from a cold. I tried a lot, nothing helped, but then I read about plant saps. When using a specific plant sap, for maybe two weeks or a month, then one can prevent such issues. I did it, and lo and behold, all my cold symptoms… suddenly became less pronounced! I only had these once a year instead. The next winter, I used preventative care again and passed the whole winter without having a single cold. It really helped fabulously and since then I am convinced.”


Many of these you probably already have stocked away in your pantry. Each one of these options is a perfect starting point to beginning your herbal health journey with confidence. 


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Odds are, you’ve probably used this plant to season your food, but did you know eaten raw, garlic can be used for medicinal purposes? For over 5000 years, garlic has been used all over the world for both its delicious taste and its healing benefits. Even Hippocrates, AKA “The Father of Medicine,” wrote of the medicinal properties of garlic.

Garlic has been used to lower the risks of diseases in the circulatory system and increase heart health. Not only that but there is evidence garlic can kill off threatening bacteria and even lower the risk of certain cancers. 


Following behind garlic, mint is usually used today to get rid of the pungent smell of other foods. Toothpaste, oral mints, gum… all used for scent. But mint is a powerful tool to your herbal medicine arsenal. 

Named after a Greek mythological nymph named Minthe, mint has a deep and rich history alongside humans. Mint has been used for thousands of years across many cultures all across the world—anywhere the ground doesn’t freeze, you can find a this plant

Mint is best known for its healing ability to the digestive system, treating the symptoms of IBS and other abdominal pain. Mint can also be used for brain health, including reducing stress and increasing focus. Next time you’re taking a test, try eating something with mint. 


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Originating in Mesoamerica, this delicious bean is usually used for flavoring our ice creams and scenting our homes with its sweet smell. 

Little did you know, vanilla has been used long before Europeans ever traveled to the Americas. The indigenous Totnac peoples used the extract from these dried vanilla beans to counteract fever, blood clotting and heart disease, and distress to the digestive system. 

Aloe vera

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Many of us have had a burn that needs a little extra TLC to heal properly. Aloe vera is among the most popular go-to ingredient to help wounds heal. Native to the Arabian Peninsula, the fleshy inside has been used for centuries to soothe skin wounds and insect bites anywhere on the body. If ingested, aloe vera can even soothe the distress in the digestive system. 


Originally, the cacao bean was used in Southern and Mesoamerica for its healing and spiritual properties. The Mayans referred to cacao as the “Food of the Gods”, often grinding the beans and using the powder in religious offerings and traditions. 

As for the health benefits of this medicinal plant, cacao is beneficial in many sectors of the body. From helping create natural sleeping cycles, to aiding in the treatment of IBS symptoms, Cacao is the perfect addition to your life. 

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