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Getting a Better Night’s Sleep with CBD

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep with CBD

Believe it or not, sleep shouldn’t be hard to catch. But with the bustling of everyday life, it seems getting a good night’s sleep has become harder to come by. 

Here’s the truth: 

Good sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy mind and body. 

When you’re in deep sleep, it allows your brain to shut down and recover from the stress of the day. Little sleep affects your ability to pay attention, regulate your moods, and think analytically. 

But nowadays, life takes most of our attention away from taking care of ourselves. 

We wake up at the brink of dawn, grab our morning coffee to satiate our caffeine addiction, work for at least 8 hours, all before coming home exhausted and unable to do the things we truly love. 

It’s no wonder why millions around the world are looking for a fresh way to fix their sleep-related issues. 


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A short history of CBD

CBD is one of over 100 compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. Having usually been eclipsed by its cousin THC, CBD is now taking the world by storm with its powerful healing abilities. 

Although CBD was only officially extracted from hemp in the 1940s, people have been using CBD and its similar compounds for centuries. 

In fact, the first-ever recorded account of using cannabis was in Chinese herbal medicine, dating all the way back to 2737 BC. At this point, Emperor Cheng Neng brewed CBD into a cup of tea. This mpressive drink was used to treat illnesses like gout and malaria. 

Now, CBD is utilized by a wide variety of people wanting to take control of their health. Many today use it to alleviate stress and overcome ailments like anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite; and most particularly like CBD for its ability to heal without being intoxicating.

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep with CBD

6 Impressive Benefits of CBD

Get a better night’s sleep. 

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, CBD can help you.  Take CBD an hour before bed and find yourself waking up the next morning refreshed.

Take control of your anxiety. 

Many struggle to fall asleep because they’re prone to overthinking (if this is you, it’s more common than you think!) If you struggle with anxiety, CBD can calm those nerves and get into the right headspace to fall into a deep sleep. 

Boost your serotonin. 

Many struggle with depression but don’t take into account how their sleep schedule alters their serotonin levels.  It’s a vicious cycle… you can’t sleep because you’re depressed, but your depression is only worsening because you can’t sleep. 

A natural and healthy way to aid in depression, getting a deep night’s sleep can help you boost your serotonin levels without the intoxicating haze of THC.

Up your appetite. 

Whether it’s because of anxiety, cancer symptoms, or anything else, you can up your appetite with just a mL of CBD.  

Food is directly related to the amount of serotonin you produce and soak in.  With the boost of serotonin by taking CBD, you’ll be able to fall asleep easier and have a more restful night.

Help with epilepsy. 

The good news: The FDA has approved CBD to aid in the treatment of seizures. 

Even better news: CBD has shown to either lower the severity of seizures or eliminate them altogether. 

This is great for anyone who usually struggles with seizures.  If you worry about when your next seizure will be – especially if you worry so much you keep yourself up at night – CBD will help put those worries to rest.

Better overall brain health. 

To be in a deep sleep allows your brain to shut down and use its resources to fix damage, soak in knowledge from the day, and recover from the stresses you’ve been through.  

To promote a healthier brain, start with your sleeping habits.

So, how does CBD work?

CBD works by binding with essential receptors in the brain to promote astounding benefits.  Through knowing these chemical pathways, we get insight to how our brains react to the plant medicine we feed it. 

While CBD is an extremely powerful compound, it is better when it’s combined with the other compounds found in the hemp plant. 

This is called Full Spectrum CBD, and it is just as impressive as it sounds. 

Full Spectrum means the CBD component has not been isolated from the rest of the beneficial compounds in the plant, making it far more effective and leaving the product in a more natural state. 

Ever heard of the Entourage Effect? It’s a theory that states taking all the cannabinoids together are far more potent and powerful than using products with isolated cannabinoids.


The market is booming with sleep aids, but which one is the perfect one for you? There are several crucial questions to ask yourself before deciding which to get. 

Which type of CBD product is a good fit for your needs? 

There are dozens of different ways to administer CBD, from gummies to oils to topical treatments. 

For sleep aids, we recommend tinctures, as they’re one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world.  

They’re specially formulated to have high concentrations of CBD, and made from soaking powerful herbs into alcohol, glycerin, or oil.  From there, they have a long lasting shelf life.  

Plus, administering the plant medicine is effortless, as tinctures often include a dropper.  Putting it under the tongue allows the plant medicine to soak into the bloodstream, giving quicker access to the benefits than what you would get by simply drinking it.  

There are two kinds of tinctures to consider:

THC Tinctures.  These tinctures contain more than 0.3% THC – the component of marajauna that gives the psychoactive effects often desired when you want a high. 

Hemp Tinctures.  As opposed to the one above, hemp tinctures (also known as herbal tinctures) contain less than 0.3% THC.  You won’t feel a high from this product, instead only getting the benefits CBD has to offer.

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep with CBD

Completely natural ingredients 

Whatever you put in will show outwardly. The ingredients that go into your body will be reflected in how you feel. 

Would you rather go with a company that fills its products with processed ingredients, or a business that takes care to choose the exact natural ingredients that will make their community feel their best? 

The answer is clear. 

Since the inception of the plant medicine community, we have had a strong focus on keeping our ingredients as natural as possible. 

However, not all CBD products are made equal.  

Again, we’re going to focus on tinctures, as we wholeheartedly believe they’re the best form of CBD to combat poor sleep.

Adding in CBN

Within the hemp plant is several other kinds of compounds that work in sync with CBD.  

For sleep, the most popular addition compound is CBN.  

CBN is a less known cousin of CBD but is just as robust.  Considered to be more of an exclusive ingredient, CBN still remains one of the powerful compounds known to also derive from the hemp plant.  Recently, CBN has been gaining far more attention because of its sleep-inducing medicinal properties, which are especially helpful for those with insomnia, high amounts of stress, and other sleep-related issues. 

Tinctures with both CBD and CBN are designed for those who struggle to fall asleep.  It’s perfect for improving the quality of your sleep through natural methods.  

The base ingredient CBD gives you the power to control where your mind may wander, while the CBN has been proven to retain its natural sleep-inducing properties.

Infusing Herbs

A unique characteristic to consider is whether the tincture has been infused with another powerful herb to improve its sleep aid effectiveness.  This is extremely rare to find, but has the impressive capability to create a better night’s sleep and help you wake up refreshed.  

The herb we recommend for this is the infusion of lavender, as it has a rich history in the health of humanity.  

Originally a part of the mint family, lavender is found in many parts of the world and has been used in multiple rich cultures for over 2500 years.  The Greeks used it for its deliciously fresh scent, while other cultures used it in food preparation.  

However, the majority of ancient peoples used lavender oil for its medicinal properties.  This powerful plant is said to help people fall asleep and promote relaxation, and soothe migraines and other pains. 

Now, lavender is used by millions across the world.  From aromatherapy to natural cooking to herbal medicine, lavender has made its way into the homes of many.