Everything you need to know to get started with CBD

The MsPerception Team

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For the last decade alone, millions of people have begun their CBD journey.  

They crave control over what they put in their own bodies.  To them, the beauty of plant medicine comes from the use of natural ingredients, whose properties are founded in thousands of years of human history. 

But for many others, this comes with reasonable questions. 

How much CBD should I use? 

Which CBD products are best for me? 

What even are the benefits of CBD? 

The CBD journey should be effortless.  That’s why we’re bringing to you this slick and comprehensive guide. 


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A short history of CBD

Although CBD was only officially extracted from hemp in the 1940s, people have been using CBD and its similar compounds for centuries. 

In fact, the first-ever recorded account of using cannabis was in Chinese herbal medicine, dating all the way back to 2737 BC. At this point, Emperor Cheng Neng brewed CBD into a cup of tea, using this exclusive herb to treat illnesses like gout and malaria. 

Now, CBD is utilized by a wide variety of people wanting to take control of their health. Many today use it to alleviate stress and overcome ailments like anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Most users particularly like CBD for its ability to heal without being intoxicating.

CBD+CBG Full Spectrum Oil Landing Page

The impressive benefits of CBD

Although CBD has been overshadowed by its cousin THC, CBD popularity has been booming in recent years.  This can only be attributed to its amazing medicinal properties and the way CBD can better your life. 

1. Insomnia. 

Because CBD is so effective at calming the body and allowing the mind to relax, CBD can help you create a healthy relationship with sleep.  

When the body is tired, it creates less serotonin, which lessens your ability to fall easily asleep.  It’s a counterproductive mechanism in the brain that many suffer with to this day. 

However, when you sleep, your brain takes that time to shut down and recover from a full day of stress. You have better memory and attention spans, as well as the ability to control your emotions. 

2. Depression. 

Thousands of people around the world are diagnosed with depression per day.  However, there might be some good news.  Recent academic studies have shown CBD has antidepressant effects and can help neutralize serotonin levels in the brain.  

Also, part of the reason many people struggle with depression is because of their lifestyle.  The food they eat, the medicine they consume, the sleep they get.  

CBD can help you take control over your life by giving you the ability to eat, sleep, and relax. 

3. Anxiety. 

This is another chronic mental health disorder that hundreds of thousands take CBD for.  

CBD can help you relax in even the most stressful situations, without giving you a foggy frame of mind.  Added to that, CBD doesn’t give you a high, which is especially helpful to those who don’t like the intoxicating feeling of THC.

Many have included it in their plan to combat the symptoms of general anxiety, social anxiety, and PTSD. 

4. Seizures. 

This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons people know of the benefits of CBD. 

CBD has been used for over a decade in helping people with seizures live a more normal lifestyle. 

In fact, the rise of CBD popularity can be attributed to Charlotte Figi, a little girl who had as many as 300 seizures a week. Her mother began giving her CBD, which lowered her daughter’s seizures to as low as 3 per year. 

5. Appetite. 

There are many reasons someone might not eat, from anxiety to cancer to depression. 

Getting food into your body and allowing it to absorb effortlessly into your system is helpful for so many reasons.  

For one, eating creates serotonin (the Happy Hormone), which also aids in falling asleep peacefully and waking up refreshed.

On the other hand, CBD can also help if you’re prone to getting nauseous after eating.  Nausea can be incredibly uncomfortable and steer you away from wanting to feed your body the appropriate amount of nutrients.  But CBD will allow you to feel full, happy, and healthy.

The many types of products

There are a ton of different products on the market that will be able to fill your needs. 

  • CBD Tinctures 
  • CBD Gummies 
  • CBD Oils 
  • CBD Topical creams 
  • CBD Smokes

Our favorite at MsPerception is the CBD Tinctures! 

These CBD products have long been a cult favorite, as they’re easy to use and can be added to your diet effortlessly. When it comes to dosing, you don’t have to do the math to figure out how much CBD you need to take. Added to that, there are plenty of beginner-friendly options to choose from, like this one here.

The Natural Ingredients

The ingredients that go into your body will be reflected in how you feel. Whatever you put in will show outwardly. 

CBD products aren’t usually pure CBD alone. Instead, they’re a carefully selected mix of ingredients to create a powerful product. 

The key here is to find a business that is transparent about the ingredients they put into their plant medicines. 

Which would you rather have? A company that has processed ingredients, or a business that chooses the perfect, natural ingredients to make their community feel their best? 

Of course you’d prefer the latter. Many of us would. 

Again, we’re going to focus on tinctures, as we wholeheartedly believe they’re the oldest form of plant medicine known to man. 

Tinctures are specially formulated to have high concentrations of CBD, and made from soaking powerful herbs into alcohol, glycerin, or oil.  From there, they have a long lasting shelf life.  

Plus, administering the plant medicine is effortless, as tinctures often include a dropper.  Putting it under the tongue allows the plant medicine to soak into the bloodstream, giving quicker access to the benefits than what you would get by simply drinking it.  

Now, if you were to start out with CBD, what kind of ingredients would we recommend?

CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in hemp plants. Having been eclipsed by its more popular cousin THC, CBD is now finally getting the recognition it deserves. CBD is known to help with multiple debilitating symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and various others. 

CBG is another beneficial compound found in hemp plants. It works by strengthening the neuroreceptors in your brain. This helps with appetite, sleep, pleasure, and alleviating pain. 

As you can tell, each one holds a powerful punch and complements the other.

CBD+CBG Full Spectrum Oil Landing Page

Full Spectrum CBD VS Isolated CBD 

While CBD is an extremely powerful compound, it is better when it’s combined with the other compounds found in the hemp plant. 

This is called Full Spectrum CBD, which is just as impressive as it sounds. 

Full Spectrum means the CBD component has not been isolated from the rest of the beneficial compounds in the plant. This results in it being more effective and leaving the product in a more natural state. 

Ever heard of the Entourage Effect? It’s a theory that states taking all the cannabinoids together are far more potent and powerful than using products with isolated cannabinoids. 

On the other hand, isolated CBD is when the CBD is extracted from the hemp plants. While this can be beneficial for high concentrations, it’s also more processed and a less natural route.